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In the aftermath of the 2016 election cycle, The American Question, an independent film and educational program, began a four year journey to explore...

“How did we get here?” 

The majority of Americans asked this question as though the divisive vitriol occurred immediately, as though a sudden political hurricane had swept through causing instantaneous and communal paralysis. 

In truth, 2016 was the manifestation of decades-long upheavals coming to a head. 

From 2016 to 2020, The American Question tracked the values, beliefs, and perspectives of ordinary Americans of various ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds. We followed their cognitive evolution and dissonance to see how broader forces influence thought patterns and trust in what we believe our society should be. 

American values are being redefined and challenged across multiple dimensions.


With the help of numerous experts such as Amy Chua, Yascha Mounk and Yuval Levin, we contextualize how this polarization occurs. We identify the dangers of a divided society caused by the radical rise of polarization and a collective antipathy about America’s future.


History tells us that societies fall when they don’t agree on who they are.


Fueled by political tension, exacerbated by an incoherent media, globalization, failed leadership and all but cemented by misleading online forums, interpretations of the exact same values remain startlingly different. This discovery left us with a daunting American question: 

Why are the American identity and Dream up for grabs?


We invite you to join our movement to keep the American Dream alive for all and to question the media’s, internet’s, and political leaders’ divisive obsession with Left vs. Right, Rich vs. Poor, Black vs. White, and so on. They want America divided; divided by race, divided by religion, by culture, by class, and by political affiliation. 



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