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Our Story

Our names are Guy and James, the co-founders of The American Question project (TAQ). TAQ is a documentary film, an educational curriculum, and a national civic engagement initiative which is set to be released in 2020. We share a belief that when your community no longer has a shared story or a shared value system, it stops being a community and the result can be permanent division. Our goal is to be one of the bricks in building a road back to civility, community, a shared American story, and a shared value system.


We're glad you found our site because the last piece of the puzzle is YOU, the American people. Before we continue, let us tell you how we got here and why we’d like you to support your fellow Americans.  


It's a pretty simple story...


Guy has worked in government, business, or societal impact projects all his life. After working on the divisive 2016 election and witnessing communities across the country tearing each other apart, he reached out to James, an award winning filmmaker and fellow campaigner, and proposed being a part of changing this trajectory together.


The project begins...


So in January 2017, we gathered a large and eclectic team of social entrepreneurs, researchers, filmmakers social influencers, labor-workers, government veterans, donors, concerned citizens and many more and traveled from the coast to the heartland to acquire hundreds of hours of footage of Americans of all backgrounds: Small business owners, practitioners, first generation students, low-income families, conservatives, liberals, independents, non-voters, and the American Joe/Jill. For each interview, with an expert-developed surveying methodology, we dove deep into the beliefs and perspectives of the everyday citizen.


Each American shared their intimate feelings about what they valued and how it influenced their beliefs and day-to-day decisions.


What we found...


Fueled by political tension, exacerbated by an incoherent media, globalization, failed leadership and all but cemented by a misleading internet, interpretations of the exact same values remain startlingly different. This discovery left us with a daunting, open question...an American question…

...why are the American identity and Dream up for grabs?

You’re invited...


We invite you join our movement to keep the American Dream alive for all and to fight back against the media’s, internet’s, and political leaders’ divisive obsession with Left vs. Right, Rich vs. Poor, Black vs. White, and so on. They want America divided; divided by race, divided by religion, by culture, by class, and by political affiliation.


Follow us and get ready for 2020.



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